Staged to Sell – Tips for Staging Your House to Sell Promptly

Thinking about selling your house? There’s a lot do before putting it on the market and scheduling an open house. Among those tasks is making sure it’s staged to sell. As you walk through your house, you may be wondering why staging is so important.

Staging isn’t just about making the home look its best for the open house and it goes well beyond simply repairing anything that may be broken. As the potential buyers wander through, it’s about allowing them to envision your house as their house. It can be difficult to be objective after you worked so hard to get your house exactly the way you wanted it. However, now it’s time to sell.  

A properly staged house will make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. It will also help your realtor sell your home quicker, allowing you to move on to the next chapter in your life. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips to ensure your house is staged to sell.

Curb Appeal

Probably one of the most overused phrases on HGTV, curb appeal is extremely important. It provides potential buyers with their first impression. When they drive up, you want your house and the surrounding landscape to look inviting and well cared for. If the season calls for it, make sure the lawn is mowed and any landscaping elements are properly manicured. If the exterior of your house needs to paint or power washed, either hire someone to do it or if you’re up to it, do it yourself. While it may be a bit of an investment of time or money, it will be well worth it.

Clean Thoroughly

When staging your house to sell, it’s time to go through it from top to bottom and clean everything. Think spring cleaning on steroids. Wipe down baseboards and ceiling fixtures. Clean windows and kitchen appliances inside and out. Get into corners and areas behind furniture that are often overlooked during regular cleaning. Don’t forget your carpeting. Have it professionally deep cleaned. Not only will it look great but professional carpet cleaning can help remove trapped odors and leave your house fresh and clean.

Storage Sells

Decluttering your house coincides with cleaning it. Start by getting rid of anything you no longer use or need. These items can be sold, donated or thrown away. How you get rid of them is entirely up to you but you want to make sure they are gone before the open house. Every closet, drawer, and cabinet should be gone through and purged of unnecessary items. In addition to making these areas easier to clean, it will also free up and highlight the storage space your home has to offer.

When staging your home to sell, you’ll want to take the task of decluttering one step further. Remove out-of-season clothing from your closets and put it in storage. The less you have hanging in your closets, the bigger they’ll look to potential buyers. If you have a lot of furniture, you may want to consider putting pieces you can temporarily live without in storage as well. This will free up the square footage and give your house a more open feel.

Keep it Neutral

When making sure your house is staged to sell, you may want to remove some of your personal items or change out some of your more unique decorating elements. We’re not saying you should completely redecorate, just dial down the personalization. Remove excess family photos or any artwork that is outside of the mainstream. If you have a room with a particularly bold color choice, give it a coat of paint in a more neutral pallet, Neutralizing your home decor will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine how their own belongings would fit in the house.  

Pet-Free Zone

If your family includes a pet or two, keep in mind not everyone likes animals. Whether it’s a private showing or an open house, you don’t want Rover following potential buyers around with a toy in his mouth or Fluffy digging in the litter box. It is often recommended that the owners of the home shouldn’t be present during a showing or open house. This is especially true of family pets. Tuck all their belongings out of sight and either take them to a friend’s house or board them at your veterinarian or local kennel.

Once Your House is Staged to Sell….

Make sure your team up with an experienced realtor that will work with you to not only sell your house but get the best possible price for it. It’s essential to choose an agent who has extensive experience with your location, the type of property you are selling and a proven sales record. If you’re selling real estate on LBI, consider working with the Freeman Group. Over the last 23 years, we have earned the well-deserved reputation as the premier real estate company on Long Beach Island. Our team has completed hundreds of successful transactions establishing Keyword: as the most productive and result driven realtors in Ocean County.  Whether you’re interested in buying, selling or investing in Jersey Shore real estate, contact us today.

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