Thinking About Buying a Beach House on LBI?

Have you been thinking about buying a beach house and are finally ready to make your move? Many people first get the itch to buy a shore house at the height of the summer season but fall can be one of the best times to start shopping for your very own beach house. Truth be told –  we think any time of year is a great time to buy that beach house on LBI but the fall season does offer certain advantages. 

Motivated Sellers

Many real estate experts recommend that sellers list their homes earlier in the year, usually between March and May. With the flood of homes on the market in spring, many will get overlooked and still be on the market after Labor Day. This doesn’t mean they aren’t great homes, it just means the demand didn’t match the supply available. By September and October, the sellers of the remaining homes are more motivated than they were in the spring, making them more willing to negotiate.  

Less Competition

Because it isn’t peak selling season, buyers may encounter less competition when buying a beach house in the fall. In the spring, when many buyers are imagining a summer on LBI, there is the potential to have multiple buyers submitting offers on the same house. Not only will this drive the price up but with so many offers, there is no need for the seller to negotiate.

Avoid the Rush

Another factor that makes fall a great time to buy a beach house is being able to avoid the spring and summer real estate rush. Between sales and rentals, realtors are busy. Even the most dedicated LBI realtor can find it difficult to schedule showings and return calls as quickly as they would like. Starting your home search after Labor Day will give you greater access to your agent. The same goes for lenders, inspectors, title companies and moving companies. The whole process will move along and have you enjoying your new home quicker than during the height of the season. 

Easier Upgrades

Even with a “move-in- ready” home, there are still often cosmetic changes and upgrades a new homeowner will want to make. Fall is not only a slower season for the real estate industry but also for contractors. Whether you need a carpenter, painter, plumber or electrician, their schedule will often be lighter after the summer season ends and LBI’s population decreases. Buying a beach house in the fall gives you all winter to take care of those upgrades, allowing you to have everything taken care of before the following busy season arrives. 

Enjoy the Off-Season

Although you may have missed out on the hustle and bustle of the summer season, buying a beach house in the fall allows you to explore LBI at your own pace and ease into living like a local. Even if you’re buying a  beach house as a summer home, you might find that beach life is something you want to enjoy all year long. 

Buying a Beach House? Partner with the LBI Professionals

If you’re ready to make the dream of buying a beach house on LBI a reality, you’ll want to work with the experts. The Freeman Group can help you find the perfect home in the area of LBI that fits your lifestyle. In addition to having over 24 years of combined experience with LBI real estate, we work and live on LBI and know the island well. No matter what time of year, we do our very best to help buyers or sellers achieve their real estate goals. Contact us today and let’s get started on finding the perfect LBI beach house for you and your family.